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This Maria Den Braven Center has set very clear goals and a holistic approach to enable children with learning disabilities to be integrated into mainstream schools.

• Kankoon Center Preview

Living up to their mantra “The Will to make a Difference”, the Maria Den Braven Center team has taken it upon themselves to establish a novel and unique child life skills learning center for children.

After working for 18 years at the Modern Montessori School as head of the learning support Dept., it became evident to Basma Kilani, the founder of the Maria Den Braven Center, that many children, who are facing challenges in behavioral, learning and daily life skills, particularly at the early schooling stages, are facing difficulties in integrating into mainstream schools as many of the schools either lack the needed specialists or do not have the proper learning support system.

Kankoon Center was established to ease the burden on both parents and schools by preparing the children with learning disabilities to overcome their challenges by putting them through a comprehensive skill based learning and behavioral therapy program which will allow them to be integrated into mainstream schools.

“At Kankoon Center, we aim to help parents and children with learning disabilities to overcome their challenges by putting them through a carefully planned skills development multi-disciplinary learning program to facilitate their inclusion in mainstream schools”

• Kankoon Center goals:

We have set for ourselves and our children and parents very specific and determined goals that we would like to share, namely:-

1. To fulfill children’s full psychological, physical, and social potential inside and outside Kankoon
2. To ensure that the mental health and wellbeing of the child’s parents and caregivers is maintained
3. To guide parents and caregivers to appropriate ways of guiding and attending to their children’s special needs
4. To improve the child’s attentional capacity through assisted group activities and special curriculum skill based curriculum
5. To develop the child’s fine and gross motor skills through play and assisted daily physical exercise by generalizing these skills into planned daily living experience.
6. To develop interpersonal skills while cultivating friendships with other children
7. To equip children to acquire, as much as possible, normal level capabilities in daily life skills
8. To reinforce and increase positive social behaviors while diminishing negative anti-social externalizing behavior
9. To prepare children to enter mainstream private schools through helping in setting up special needs departments accompanied with professional consultations between the school and Maria Den Braven Center
10. To equip parents with the tools to guide their child to become fully independent and functional members of society

• Kankoon Center approach

We believe that only through focusing on skills development, behavioral management and positive reinforcement can a child develop his daily life skills. We also believe that therapy should be holistic, multi-disciplinary and interactive, combined with a quality mental health and wellbeing services and a close follow up and care.

The center offers occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, in addition to psychological care, all applied through using “specific theme” skill based activities with pre-defined performance and developmental objectives which are psychological, physical, dietary, and most important fun and entertaining.

Activities such as cooking, self-hygiene, farming, physical education, dancing, art work, computer skills, in addition to skill based learning of the Arabic and English Language, math and science.

“Your child’s a special learning experience through an extensive specialized therapeutic plan that ensures a holistic treatment combined with a multidisciplinary approach that brings out the best in them whilst ensuring safety, ongoing learning, and physical activity”.

Our Program

The Kankoon Center offers a comprehensive child behavioral and skills based development program for parents and their children from all walks of life. Its program aims to offer special and customized care applying multi-disciplinary techniques for children facing behavioral and learning difficulties whom face rejection to enroll in mainstream schools. Our program is designed to give these children the confidence and support to reach their full potential.

As part of its skills based development program, the following therapies will be implemented:-

• Horticultural therapy

Horticultural therapy is a professionally conducted client-centered treatment modality that utilizes horticulture activities to meet specific therapeutic or rehabilitative goals of its participants. The focus is to maximize social, cognitive, physical and/or psychological functioning and to enhance general health and wellness. It provides meaningful, purposeful activities and versatility in programming for all developmental areas and addresses innate psychological needs and connection with the natural world in addition to restoration and respite from mental stress. It encourages human growth that is fundamental and central to each individual served.

• Art Therapy

Art Therapy is a form of expressive therapy that uses the creative process of making art to improve a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The creative process involved in expressing one’s self artistically can help people to resolve issues as well as develop and manage their behaviors and feelings, reduce stress, and improve self-esteem and awareness.

• Culinary Therapy

Culinary therapy encompasses cooking and cooking-related activities, such as planning and preparing meals, educational grocery shopping and restaurant experiences. Children learn about diet and nutrition and develop a healthy relationship with food. In addition to learning a valuable life skill, culinary therapy offers many benefits amongst which are stress relief, improved social skill, balance and coordination, sensory awareness, improved physical health, enhanced ability to plan and organize, time management skills, improved memory, attention and focus, self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment. It works on helping children enrich their vocabulary and help them generalize and learn practical mathematical concepts in a tangible way such as fractions or division through the different portions they share together with the food they cook.

• Dance Movement Therapy

The Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) is based upon the idea that “the body and mind are inseparable”. DMT rests on certain theoretical principles, which are that body and mind interact, so that a change in movement affects total functioning; that movement reflects personality; that the therapeutic relationship is mediated partly non-verbally; that movement has a symbolic function and can reveal unconscious processes; that movement improvisation allows the child to experiment with new ways of being. DMT can permit the recapitulation of early object relationships through non-verbal mediation, in addition to improving coordination and developing their cerebellum.

Dance therapy works to improve the social skills, as well as relational dynamics among the children. Through this form of therapy children will gain a deeper sense of self-awareness through a meditative process that involves movement, motion, and realization of one’s body. It allows creative expression and is more holistic, meaning it treats the full person: mind, body, and spirit.

• Computer Aided Therapy

The prospect of using computer aided therapy (CAT) is a newly developed therapy. The most dramatic form of computer-assisted therapy (CAT) is virtual reality exposure therapy in which children are immersed in a virtual environment to help extinguish fears of flying, heights, social situations, or other anxiety-provoking situations. Multimedia applications using video, audio, and interactive exercises are also applied to convey therapy concepts and to build coping skills. Handheld devices encourage patients to monitor themselves and to use behavioral methods to
manage symptoms.

“At Kankoon, the children will attain skills through cooking, dancing, art, computer, indoor and outdoor farming, sports and physical education, class room learning skills-based curriculum”

Location & Facility

Kankoon Center is located in the vicinity of the 2nd circle in Jabal Amman in a 60 year old house with a 550 M2 spacious garden. The location has been especially designed and equipped to accommodate the type of activities the center offers. Its facilities include a state of the art playground equipped with multi-purpose physical training equipment, a fully equipped kitchen, a gym and dance floor, a computer lab, a fully equipped art room, a glass house, in addition to a spacious garden. Safety precautions have been well considered and taken into account. The site is monitored by cameras watched by the specialists at all times to ensure safety of children.

Our campus is a quaint safe haven for the children to enjoy and realize their potential and to learn new life skills in a friendly environment with continuous care and love.

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The Team

The team at Kankoon consists of Psychologists, Special Education Specialists, in addition to a complete team of therapists specialized in speech and occupational therapy, dance therapy, culinary therapy, art therapy, physical education and modern farming techniques. The specialists working at the Maria Den Braven Center continue to oversee the progress of the Kankoon World children and offer one to one therapy and intervention as the need may arise.

The Kankoon team will at all times thrive to provide a welcoming environment between children and professionals whereby children of diverse backgrounds and needs are able to receive the quality of mental health and wellbeing services and attention needed to thrive in everyday life.
Main Activities

This will be through the full involvement of parents whom will be provided with awareness on behaviour modification and all they need to reach to best results.

Our goals are not only to entertain and provide a fun environment for learning, but to introduce activities based on specific themes with performance and developmental objectives that are psychological, physical, and dietary, established and assisted by our staff of therapists and Psychologists. The Kankoon team is committed to weekly meetings to discuss each individual case to formulate and follow-up on the child’s therapeutic multi-disciplinary development plan.


As promised “The commitment to make a difference”, you and your child will live through a very special different experience that is based on a different approach to his / her future growth namely:-

• Full Psychological, Speech and Occupational assessment

Each child shall undergo a full bio psychosocial assessment to allow our specialists to put in place an individual and family therapy development and treatment plan. The team is committed to each child on a personal level through a monthly assessment report which includes notes and recommendations from each professional. Monthly group parenting trainings and follow-up for parents and caregivers are also available to ensure 24-hour implementation of the behavior and learning skills acquired at Kankoon.

• Multi-professional consultations for an all-round therapeutic plan

The multi-disciplinary team at Kankoon meets regularly to discuss each child’s progress in order to modify and unify the approach and communication between the staff and the child when the need arises. This ensures reliable accountability for the diagnoses along with any other decisions through the input of many professionals at once.

• Consultations and follow up in new school

We uphold our commitment to follow up on your child once they have been assessed as ready to enter mainstream schooling. We will go as far as offering schools our services to set up a special need department at the new school to accommodate your child needs and will maintain contact and consultation between professionals in the new school and at those Kankoon.

• Strict and careful implementation of behavior management techniques

Kankoon has a special protocol and guidelines in place for reinforcing positive social behaviors and extinguishing negative ones that is recognized globally to be effective in scientific studies and up to ethical standards. We will also assist parents in implementing this protocol in the home to increase positive outcomes.

• Parent training and involvement

Parents will be directly involved in the development of their child through monthly training seminars held by the professionals at Kankoon as well as the open house days where they are invited to witness their child and participate in activities alongside them.

• Tailored education and training

We will provide basic math, language and other subjects to replicate the school environment and prepare the children for academic requirements for daily life. Children that require extra classes will also get the attention they need from our team. With a maximum of 5 children per class, each child will receive the guidance and care he needs.

• Individual sessions with therapists

The children at Kankoon will have the chance to participate in one-on-one sessions with the Speech, Occupational, and Art Therapists as part of the full-time program. Each therapist will keep a log of the child’s progress and set individualized goals depending on their skills and abilities.

• Developing extra-curricular talents

Through practice and teaching of activities outside the classroom such as dance, art, farming, physical education, and cooking, Kankoon aims to discover hidden talents and rooms for alternative growth plans that increase a child’s self-esteem and confidence. We try our best to maintain a real world environment that exposes the child rather than shelters her or himself.

• Summer School

A fully inclusive 2 month summer school is also available giving the chance for Kankoon World children to be with children already in mainstream schools to prepare them for the coming step in their life, in addition to a yearly set calendar of afternoon activities and events that will create a great opportunity for inclusion.

• Weekly News Letter

A weekly newsletter of all the activities that took place including pictures, and articles that raise awareness will be issued to parents at the center.

Yearly Calendar & Working Hours

Kankoon World will operate in the same times as mainstream schools do.

• Working Hours are Sunday through Thursday from 9 AM to 3 PM
• 1st Semester starts on Sept. 15th and ends on January 15th
• 2nd Semester starts on February 2nd and ends on June 15th

Who should Join

Kankoon World is open to children with age group 3 to 12 years.
Space is limited to only 15 students on a 1st come 1st serve basis
Acceptance is conditional on the assessment tests required prior to registration.


The fees shall be 800 JOD per month, or 7,200 JOD / year payable at the beginning of the school year.

Contact Us

Please do not hesitate to contact us at the following address:-

Ms. Shefa Obeid – Kankoon World Manager
Email info@kankoon.org

OR visit our social medial network