Meditation Sessions

The Maria Den Braven Center is proud to announce our first meditation sessions to take place on Tuesdays at the Center’s location, starting November 5th.

We are offering 2 classes:

1) Beginners class: from 1:00 pm- 2:00 pm
2) Advanced class: from 2:00 pm -3:00 pm

Benefits of meditation, and life quality enhancement.

Meditation can benefit us in many ways. It can calm us down, when we are stressed, energize and empower us, if we are feeling low.

It can help us stop an overactive mind, It can help us becoming clear minded and to work constructively with our problems or daily tasks. It helps our body to relax, so that we feel better and more positive and can also empower us for specific situations or in general.

Meditation is easy to learn. It just takes some simple instructions to learn basic meditations techniques. In this class we offer several techniques depending on moods and needs. There are methods that will suit some people and again other methods that will suit other people depending on our character, temperament and situation in life.

The Tuesday course is suitable for anyone with an interest in trying out meditation for the first time, and may also be beneficial for regular meditators interested in exploring various meditation methods.

Find below a summary on the Techniques.


Types of meditation

 Concentrative focused meditation.

During concentrative meditation, we focus on a single experience, such as a word, mantra, sound or visualize/ or look at a simple shape or form.

This technique is often easier to accomplish for beginners than other forms of meditation, in which we must be aware of our entire being without allowing our mind to wander or pass judgment.

If the idea of clearing our mind of all thoughts stresses us out, focused meditation is great because we can focus on a sound, object, mantra, or thought. The key here is to just focus on one of these things and stay committed to that one thought or object. Relaxation music can be used during the meditation.

In our day to day lives, our minds really are in 10 different places at once, so if we can stay focused for just a couple of minutes now and then, it helps a lot to relax the mind and also to feel reenergized.


Mindful Meditation is about being present while meditating/ relaxing. it is ok to let the mind run and accept whatever thoughts come up, In mindful meditation, we do not think about, why we feel that way or if feeling that way is even accurate. We simply identify the emotion, accept it, and release it as best as we can.

The mindful meditator’s focus is on breathing, without trying to change it, just being aware of it.

It’s similar to a flow-like type of meditation, because it just lets the mind be fluid and allows the mind to flow from one thought to the next, without focus on one particular thing. For instance, if you live in a noisy city, you don’t have to block out the outside sirens and screaming children, you let your mind be aware of the sounds without becoming too focused.


Guided visualization

Is a meditation technique that involves concentration on an image or imaginary environment, and because the sensation is imaginary, and the impetus for it comes from outside, the practice tends to be rather passive.
It is usually done while listening to somebody guiding you.
An example would be to imagine you are in a grassy field, with a clear sky overhead.
Since the sensation is imaginary, and the impetus comes from outside, the practice tends to be rather passive.


Tai Chi/ Qi Gong

Qi gong employs breathing to circulate energy through the organs and energy centers of the body. Attention is focused on breathing and the circulation of energy (called ‘qi’ or ‘chi’). The focus of this type of meditation falls on the three major centers, a point about two inches below the navel, the center of the chest, and the center of the forehead. Qi gong uses breathing to direct energy, and circulate energy in the body and spirit.


Movement Meditation: Movement meditation is employed to turn our attention to our movement. This can for instance be a slow left and right swaying motion or moving the entire upper body in a slow circular motion. This can be extremely uplifting and relaxing at the same time.


Heart-based meditation focuses our attention on our heart and emotions

It focuses on breathing and heartbeat, making the breath full, deep, rich, rhythmic, and balanced. Attention is focused on the heart as the center of the energy system. By focusing on breathing, we make our breath powerful. When we learn to direct the breath and to feel the circulation of breath as our pulse in different parts of the body, we are able to direct and circulate energy. We are in control of ourselves at all times, and we become both more powerful and more sensitive.


For registration or questions, feel free to call the center on +962 78 686 7749 or email us by clicking here.