Laurice Sami Khoury

Laurice S. Khoury is a clinical psychologist, Psychotherapist and supported counselor who obtained her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Jordan – department of Psychology – as well as her Master’s degree in clinical psychology.

Laurice is a certified therapist in CBT and DBT as well as a specialist in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and has the HAP UK & Ireland and EMDR Europe License.

Laurice’s main professional interest is working with adolescents and adults who were victims of sexual abuse, general traumas (normal and complex traumas), childhood traumas, problems in self-concepts and cognitions, depression, anxiety, personality disorders, mood disorders, childhood disorders etc.

Laurice’s  goal is to help and collaborates with individuals to develop internal peace, improve their stability, enhance psychological wellbeing by releasing challenging feelings and experiences, making a life-long and better living, accepting, adapting, changing and dealing with their things positively, coping with their lives events psychologically, emotionally, socially and personally, increasing capacity and satisfaction in interpersonal relationships, is the core of her professional principles and personal values that upholds to the highest level.

Laurice has worked on several projects in NGOs as a mental health and protection case manager, awareness facilitator and psychologist with refugees of several nationalities, children, adolescents, adults and families who seek  psychological support (dealing with psychosocial interventions such as: Supportive group therapy, Group discussion, increasing social awareness in deferent topics, psycho-social activities for children, Supportive family therapy) or individual therapy for mental illnesses / Post Traumatic Stress Disorders also known as PTSD (Sexual traumas, War traumas, and Victims of Violence traumas), Major Depressive Disorder, Anxiety, Adjustment disorders, Childhood disorders – Conduct disorders, Sexual Abuse and SGBV, trafficking and Domestic violence, Child Protection, Greif and Loss, dealing with suicidal thoughts, attempts & planed).
She is currently working as a psychotherapist in Maria Den Braven center.

Laurice utilized EMDR therapy, CBT therapy (High Diploma- course), REBT therapy, Cognitive therapy, Behavior therapy, Exposure therapy, Free association therapy and using Positive Psychology techniques depends on the case conceptualization.