The Second Childhood

From the bestselling author of “Is That My Child”
Robin Pauc with Basma Kilani
“The Second Childhood” ; A carers Guide (title)
Underpinning care with the knowledge of the postnatal development of the brain and its potential decline
Limited Edition 2013
Copyright : First published in Great Britain in 2013
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Text [email protected] Pauc 2013
Introduction (back cover)  : Researcher and Author turns his attention to the second childhood and applies his experience in treating children with learning and behavioral problems to those potentially experienced with ageing.
The full extent of the postnatal development of the brain has only very recently been fully appreciated and its demise can in many ways be viewed as a reversal of this process.
Here Robin Pauc describes how the human brain grows , develops and matures and with ageing, the principle conditions that can afflict the elderly.
The carer will learn how to recognize potential problems. Understand the cause and nature of the most common disorders. Come to realize the importance of diet, supplementation, exercise, having a time frame , and that for the human brain to survive it needs love.