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The focus of our center is to offer our services for the elderly, adults, children and adolescents of all ages, where we all follow the motto "The Will to Make a Difference” through a team of highly qualified specialists with a vision for excellence.
The Founder & Head Specialist

Basma Kilani

Biography The founder and Head Specialist of Maria Den Braven Center, Certified DBT Clinician™, and co-founder of training company DBT MENA… Admittedly, Basma’s work as a clinical psychologist is her passion. She has enjoyed each step of her path as a clinical psychologist, helping people build lives worth living.  Awards & Education Basma is a...
Occupational Therapist

Saja Abuhussein

Saja is a compassionate and patient-centered occupational therapist with more than five years of professional experience...
Occupational Therapist

Marwa Ereiqat

Marwa’s professional journey and passion has led her to work with children, and she has done so for over 5 years...
Art Therapist

Ola Khorchid

Ola is a dynamic art therapist who employs the healing power of art creation to help individuals enhance their socioemotional and psychological wellbeing. She has a diverse education background. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from the Lebanese American University, Master of Science in Psychology from the University of Liverpool, Art Therapy Diploma from College for Educational and Clinical Art Therapy, and...
Psychiatrist & Mental Health Specialist

Dr. Ahmad Salem

Dr. Ahmad diagnoses and treats mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders across a wide range of ages as well as addictions...

Nadia Ismail

Nadia Ismail is a psychologist with a MSc in Mental Health and Psychological Therapies from Queen Mary University of London. She is trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) from the Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) from the Linehan Institute in the United States. Her style of psychotherapy is a...
Speech & Language Therapist

Mais Joudeh

Biography   Awards & Education  
Relationships & Couples Therapy/ Psychotherapist

Mariam Hakeem

Biography Something is not working in your life or in your relationship. Do you feel that you are unable to connect with your partner like before? Do you feel misunderstood or not valued in your relationship? Is the spark fading? Are you questioning your sex life? Has there been an affair or betrayal of trust...
Human Resource & Office Manager

Lubna Owies

Front Desk

Iman Qisheh

Biography   Awards & Education  
Speech Language Pathologist

Hala Al-Dmour

Hala is passionate about helping children and adults utilize strategies to develop functional communication skills. She strongly values multidisciplinary and parent collaboration in order to maximize a child’s potential across all environments...
Child & Adolescent Psychologist

Farah Atari

Farah currently works with children and adolescents presenting with mood and emotional problems with a focus on anxiety presentations...
Clinical Psychologist

Vesna Orehovac

Vesna is a clinical psychologist (MA clinical psychology from Belgrade University). She works with all age groups in the areas of trauma, PTSD, personality disorders, depression, anxiety, impulsive control, eating and sleeping disorders, psychosomatic disorders...

Muhannad Halaseh

Muhannad Halassa graduated with a Master’s degree in counseling psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, and trained under the supervision of Dr. Sandone-Barr at the School of Psychoanalysis in Philadelphia...
Special Education Specialist

Taghreed Qarqash

Taghreed obtained her BSc degree from the University of Jordan (Class of 1975), and a high diploma in learning difficulties from the Princess Tharwat College in Amman (2001), and a practical Diploma...
Psychological Therapist

Haneen Abdulhamid

Haneen currently works with adolescents and adults who suffer from a variety of mood and emotional problems. She has experience working with women and children who have suffered from trauma and abuse...
Educational & Family consultant

Dr. Khalil Alzyoud

Dr. Khalil Al-Zyoud is a family relations consultant and an expert in human psychology by working in matters of preparation for choosing a life partner and working to bring up children in a psychologically safe environment...
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